Hello and welcome to Homeschool Edit

My name is Molly.  I'm a 35-year-old mom of three living in the (sort of) small town of Ojai, California.  In addition to being a wannabe homeschooler, I'm a lawyer and have been for almost ten years.  I work part-time and almost entirely from home so by day you'll find me adventuring with the kids and by night you'll find me hunched over my computer working on motions, briefs, and pleadings.

I'm married to David who also happens to be a lawyer as well as a carpenter, sailor, chef, cyclist, and just about anything else he sets his mind to becoming.  We met in 2009 and were married just two years later in 2011.  If you're into the Enneagram, I'm a 4 and he's a 5.  The more you know 🌟.

We have three kids: Eleanor (age 8 - soon to be third grader); George (age 5 - soon to be first grader); and Ruby (age 3).

I hope you enjoy your time on our little slice of the Internet. We're glad you have you!


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