Quick Takes: Prayers +

1. Prayers

These last couple of weeks have been hard in our house.  I can't go into detail yet (I will eventually but there are too many uncertainties right now) but I do ask all of you to please send your prayers my way.  The last two weeks have been a test in patience and faith and I'm doing my very best to give it to God but...it's hard.

2. School Update

Week three is almost in the books and I'm feeling really good about where we're at.  I mentioned in my last post that I need to find something more to entertain Ruby and that's still very true.  This is what happens when I leave her unattended for too long:

Thank goodness for washable markers and washable slipcovers.

3. Cricket

George went on a walk with David a few nights ago and on the walk he caught a cricket.  He brought it home (as in, into the house) to show it to me and, surprise surprise, it hopped right out of his hands and got loose in the living room.  We've looked for it but haven't found it yet.  We saw it hopping down the hallway yesterday but lost it again when it went into our bedroom.  So now there's a cricket living somewhere in my house (probably in my bedroom).  Aren't crickets supposed to be good luck?  I'm going to go with yes.

4. Video Games

A few weeks (or months?) ago I wrote about wanting to find some family video games we could get for our Nintendo Switch.  Over the last month or so we've collected Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda, and Lego Jurassic Park (or World? I'm not sure, video game aficionado I am not).  If you're considering any of these games for the 6-8 age range, I highly recommend Lego Jurassic (George is obsessed) and Super Mario Odyssey.  Eleanor likes Zelda too but it takes a little more patience than she has at this point.

5. Target

David and I went to Target today and it was my first time there since DECEMBER.  And you know what?  It was really super meh.  I was excited to see the Halloween section but it wasn't there yet (isn't it usually up by now?  Isn't Christmas usually in stores by now?) so the trip was a little disappointing.  Don't worry though, I still walked away with like 10 completely unnecessary items (a Jurassic Park shirt for George, a new planner, and nail polish, among my faves).  It was a good reminder though that I'm not really missing much by staying home in my little Ojai bubble.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Guys, I'm obsessed.  I used to be a diehard Craigslist fan but I've made the switch to Facebook Marketplace and I love it so much.  My two most recent purchases are a big floor pouf ($20) and a huge 8x10 jute rug ($30!).  I have a few things on my wishlist (nightstands, bunk beds, rugs, lamps) and I check almost daily.  Obsessed.

7. Photo Dump

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  1. I'm sorry you're dealing with hard stuff. Here's hoping things get better?


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