Quick Takes: Surf Camp, Shopping, and Other Nonsense

1. Surf Camp

Eleanor went to surf camp this week and driving her to and fro reminded my of our pre-COVID-19 life.  While she had a great time (and sort of learned to surf), I found myself missing our slow and quiet mornings at home, lunchtime board games, and movie nights.  The surf camp monopolized so much of the day that it was hard to fit much else in.  The added time at the beach was great but I'm grateful the week is over and happy that we'll soon be able to get back to normal (ha, "normal").

2. Alone

David had to travel for work on Thursday night, which just happened to be the same night that our power company planned a scheduled outage.  The power went out at about 10 p.m. and I found myself completely alone and plunged into darkness (drama, angst).  Usually when he's gone I stay up way too late watching terrible shows (cough, cough One Tree Hill, cough) and eating terrible food (Reese's, always).  With the power out, however, and David gone and the kids in bed, I really felt so alone.  It does sound dramatic but it was such a weird feeling.  I ended up watching shows on my phone for a bit and then trying to read with a flashlight until I finally gave up and went to sleep at a (somewhat) reasonable hour.

3. Bunk Beds

I'm on the hunt for a bunk bed for George and Ruby's room.  Ruby is still sleeping in her crib (it's one of those convertible cribs that turns into a toddler bed...so she's technically in a toddler bed, I guess) and it's about time she got a real bed.

George is in a full size bed now so I really want to find a bunk bed with a full on bottom and twin on top.  This way, we would only have to buy one twin mattress in addition to the actual bed.  I'm starting my search on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace because I hate paying full price for furniture when I don't have to.  I'm not really sure what style I want to get - I like this style a lot but I also think metal might be nice.  We shall see.
4. Cotton On

I buy a lot of my kids' clothes on ThredUp because I like buying second hand and I like paying as little $$ as possible.  However, when I do have to/want to buy them something new, I usually shop at Zara or H&M.  A friend recently mentioned Cotton On having good quality clothes for pretty decent prices so, on a whim, I placed an order.  I mostly bought things for Eleanor as she's recently outgrown nearly all of her clothes.  Our order was delivered like three days after I placed it and the clothes are amazing. The quality really is great and I feel like I got a lot for what I paid.  If you haven't already, check it out!  Two thumbs up.

5. Dresses

It's been so hot here recently and I find that when it's supa (we've been reading a lot of Dog Man...if you know, you know) hot I gravitate away from shorts and over to dresses and skirts.  I don't really have that many good summer dresses so naturally I started poking around some of favorite spots online to see what I could find.

This Target dress is so cute but the price seems a little high for Target (or am I just too cheap?).

I love this Madewell dress.  A lot.   And I might love this red one even more (yes, yes I do).  It's midi length, machine washable, and 20% off right now.  This one is tough to resist.  (Update: I did not resist.  I bought the red one.)

And of course what would a post like this be without an Amazon option or two or three.  This dress looks really interesting and has pretty decent reviews.  I like the sleeveless option too!  I also really like this gingham linen dress.  It reminds me a bit of Pyne & Smith.

6. Mulan

Have you all heard about Mulan being released directly to Disney+?  

7. Photo Dump


  1. Most of the dresses in my closet are Old Navy jersey-knit swing dresses that I grab when they're $10-15 on clearance.


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