Quick Takes: Lego, Last Beach Days, and Links

 1. Six

My baby boy turned six on Monday.  We got him the insane Lego set that I wrote about a few week ago and he built the entire thing, by himself, in about a day and a half.  Insane.  Even though he had been asking for this set for a few months, the price and size almost convinced us not buy it for him.  After watching him put it together and play with it though, I'll never doubt his Lego ability (or Lego love) again.  

2. Beach

We went to the beach for Georgie's birthday and it was great.  I realized while we were there that this is probably our last week with multiple beach days.  I'm planning on starting school next week and while we might go for a couple of hours here and there, we won't be going as often as we're going now.  I'll miss the beach but I'm so ready for us to get back into a steady routine.

3. Starting School

Speaking of starting school next week, I organized all of the curriculum last weekend, created a rough plan for the first couple of weeks, finally finished our homeschool room, and came up with a rough school schedule that we're going to try our best to stick with.  I think we're ready...or as ready as we'll ever be.

4. Clothes

Last week I told you that I impulse bought this dress from Madewell.  Well, it arrived today and I have no regrets.  It's perfect.  I wouldn't say that I have a capsule wardrobe because I'm just not that organized but I do have a pretty small closet with a pretty small rotation of clothes.  This dress fits in perfectly and is going to be great pretty much year-round for California's mild weather.  I also love that it's cotton and super comfortable.  It looks cute but feels like pajamas.  This is how all clothes should be, right?  I know Nordstrom is having their big anniversary sale right now but in case you aren't finding anything cute there, check out Madewell.  They're running an awesome sale and all of their clothes (especially their jeans) are such good quality.  I have jeans that I've been wearing for years that are still going strong.  Because I just bought this dress, I'm not shopping the sale, BUT, if you buy something, leave me a comment and let me know what you snagged so I can live vicariously through you.

5. Links

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, this article is a really interesting read.

I'm super excited to watch the new The Secret Garden movie with the kids.  However, we haven't read the book together yet so we need to do that first.

This article is like a big hug.  In case anyone needs a reminder today that they're enough, read this.

6. Recipes

What are you guys making for dinner these days?  I feel like I've hit a rut and I'm just so tired of making all of our usual meals.  We have an Instant Pot that I love to use for quick, easy dinners (it's my favorite for cooking frozen chicken breasts) so if you have any good instant pot recipes, let me know!  

Also, if any of you are looking for some delicious smoothie recipes, check out my post from earlier this week.

7. Photo Dump

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