Homeschool Room Tour

Welcome to our homeschool room.  
Come on in, I'll show you around.  

As I've mentioned before, the room we're using as our homeschool room is actually a separate little bonus room/guest house/shed that's in our backyard.  A few years ago, my husband tore the room down to the studs and rebuilt it.  We originally tried to repurpose it as a playroom but the kids didn't use it as much as we would have liked and it was always a complete, overwhelming mess.  Then, we converted it to a sort of family room/reading room/chill out room.  Again, though, it really wasn't used.  When COVID-19 reared its ugly head we really wanted to make sure every space in and around our home was being used to its maximum potential.  I also started to go a little nutty doing everything (school, work, eating, game playing, puzzle building, etc.) at the dining room table.  And so the homeschool room was born.  (For some before pictures of the room, check out this post.)
This is the view right when you walk in.  Under the window is the little chalkboard wall that I painted.  Aside from just letting the kids draw on this wall, I also want to create a timeline on it that coincides with our history studies.  Those black things hanging from the ceiling are little fairy lights.  When my husband revamped this room he added solar power and hung the lights.  When its dark or cloudy we turn them on and they create a really nice, mellow atmosphere.

This little blue cart is going to be our art cart.  It's a bit bare right now as I need to restock it and add to it all of the supplies we've been using this summer that I've kept mostly in the house.  The top will have all of our markers, pens, colored pencils, crayons, erasers, etc.  The middle rack will hold our paints and paint supplies.  Right now I have one of those water painting mats on the bottom rack but I think I might end up putting coloring books down there instead.

Right next to the blue art cart we have the kids' desk.  This desk used to be in our home office but we rearranged the house and moved it out here for the kids.  Because it's so long, it fits two chairs nicely and the kids have plenty of space (they also each get a drawer - exciting!).  The chairs are our old dining room chairs that were languishing in the garage until we moved them in here.  For Christmas last year my sister-in-law gave the kids a bunch of really cool laminated placemats, which I ended up hanging on the walls.

Next to the desk is a little metal shelf that a friend gave us.  I spray painted it green with some left over spray paint we had in the garage.  It turned out great and is perfect for holding curriculum and other random activities.  The kids' curriculum and workbooks are all stored in the blue, pink, and white bins (each kid has a bin).  The metal basket next to the white bin holds all of our early reader books that I read with George.  The wicker basket is our "math basket" and holds the wrap-ups, a dry erase numbers book, and an addition/subtraction practice board.  Right next to the green shelf I have a little magazine holder that I thrifted ages ago.  I have coloring/drawing books in it right now but I think I'll move those to the art cart and use this for more story and picture books.

Above the green shelf are two bookshelves that my husband hung.  These shelves are super wide so they hold a ton.  On the top shelf is a light-up globe, an Ikea abacus, and a vintage letter toy (that I also thrifted a few years ago).  The second shelf holds books that I'm using for our curriculum that are for me to read out loud to the kids (like Story of the World and my favorite poetry book) or for activities directed by me, like our science curriculum (well, except for Harry Potter but every good homeschool room needs Harry Potter, right?).  The little purple jar holds thumb tacks, which I use to hang the kids' art.

Then you come to the cozier side of the room.  I intend to hang that white board but I haven't done it yet.  Any bets on when it will actually get hung?  I vote October.  Anyway, the little white night stand used to be in Eleanor's bedroom but she uses a small bookcase as a nightstand now so I repurposed this into my little teacher storage cabinet.  This is where I store all of my teacher books as well as workbooks that I won't be using as part of our main curriculum but that I might pull out if I need/want to supplement or just want to keep them busy a little longer (things like Kumon workbooks).

On the same wall as the door I have this very small, narrow bookcase.  It's not great for holding books because of the slats so I'm mostly using it as an activities shelf.  The top shelf does have some books because they just wouldn't fit anywhere else (including all of the books Eleanor will use for her literature curriculum this year).  The other shelves all have different independent activities that are mostly for Ruby (although, now that I'm writing this post I think it's about time to retire those animal puzzles...).
On the other side of the door is this little reading area.  I have some picture books in the magazine rack next to the chair and another one of those cool laminated placemats above it.  Ruby is the one that uses this chair the most so this ares was designed primarily with her in mind.

The best part of this room is that it only cost about $25 to put together (this was for the chalkboard paint and supplies).  We either pulled things from other areas of our house/garage, found free things in front of neighbors' houses or got them from friends, or took advantage of the free section on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace (that's where the grey chairs came from - score).  I'm so grateful to have a designated space to homeschool and while there are still some other things I would like to get for this room (calendar, clock, etc.), I'd say it's ready for the 2020-2021 school year.


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