Friday Favorites (Running Gear Edition): 8•7•20

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika again this week to share a few of my Friday faves.

I started running last July so this week basically marks my first full year as a runner.  This is a huge accomplishment for me as running is not something I ever thought I could do (or something I would want to do).  I started slow, gearing up for a 5K in November.  Once I had that 5K under my belt I started increasing my weekly mileage.  Before COVID-19 shut everything down I was training for my first half marathon (it was scheduled for this past May but was obviously cancelled).  Since then, my running has decreased a little but I still aim to run at least 15 miles a week.  For any new or aspiring runners reading this post, here are some links to a few of my favorite pieces of running gear.
These Nike Pegasus shoes are my absolute favorite running shoes.  I've been wearing some version of them for the entire last year and I have no plans to change any time soon.  Pegs for life.

I thought these Oofos sandals were so ugly when I first saw them.  But then I tried them on and once that happened there was no going back.  These are the best recovery shoes.  I not only wear them after big runs but also whenever I go on walks around the neighborhood or into town.  They also make great beach shoes in a pinch since they're rubber and easily be hosed off.

When I first started running I had a lot of knee pain.  Someone advised me to start foam rolling and it was a game changer.  I use this foam roller which comes with an amazing foot massage ball.  Both of these things are such running necessities to me now.

I really love Lululemon for most running clothes (especially leggings) but my favorite running shorts are these class Nike shorts.  They run true to size and are really great for the hotter months.

I hate Gatorade (too sweet, gross flavors) but for really hot outdoor runs when you can literally (and I mean literally) feel the salt on your forehead, I love these Nuun electrolyte tablets.  The flavors are mild and they're super easy to take on the go.

When I first started running I just wore cotton Puma socks that I had bought from Costco.  Cotton, however, is not ideal, especially for feet, which tend to get sweaty really quickly while running.  I love these Balega socks.  They're a little pricey but they wash and wear really well.  I've had one pair for a year now and I wear them a few times a week.

For mid-run hydration, I love this little Nathan hydration pack (I also have and love this bigger pack for longer runs).  When I need to have a place to put gels and water during a run, I opt for this Nathan waist pack.  It's lightweight and the water doesn't slosh around too much.

And my all-time favorite piece of running gear: My Apple Watch.  I love how easy it is to track every aspect of my runs - distance, pace, cadence, and route (when I run outside as opposed to the treadmill). I know a lot of people love, and swear by, Garmin watches for running but I'm perfectly happy with the job the Apple Watch does.


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