Friday Favorites: 8•21•20

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika again this week to share a few of my Friday faves.

My brain and body are totally fried from our first week of homeschooling so I decided that for my Friday Favorites post this week I would go through my August Amazon purchases and show you my favorite buys.

Before I dive into my favorite Amazon purchases of late, I want to say that I'm loving all of our curriculum picks for the year so far.  We're only three days in but (so far, knock on wood) there's not one program that I'm not into.

This pencil sharpener is so cute and it works really well.  I wanted to get a manual sharpener because the kids have managed to break every electric one we've ever had.  In just a week they've probably sharpened 3435435 pencils (I kid, I kid...but seriously, they use it a lot) and it's still going strong.

I wanted to get a dictionary for the classroom and, particularly, for Eleanor.  I purchased this one because it looked less intense than a regular dictionary but a little more thorough than a traditional kids dictionary.  She's used it a ton this past week to look up words in her Lightning Literature school book that she isn't familiar with.  From my observation, it seems really easy for kids to use while still managing to be pretty comprehensive.

I bought this grammar book for George on a whim because I wanted a workbook for him in addition to the First Language Lessons we're using.  For only $6, I'm surprised at how much I love it.  It's super basic but it seems really effective.  The lessons are also really short and, so far at least, haven't been too overwhelming for him on top of what we're doing with First Language Lessons.

I'm not a very devout essential oil user but I do like to use them from time to time.  I bought this Eden's Garden oil earlier this month and I diffused it this week while we went through our school lessons.  It smells really nice (I'm a sucker for patchouli anything) and I did feel pretty calm this week.

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  1. I like a lot of scholastic workbooks; they are usually fairly cheap and get right to the point I'm trying to teach.


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