Friday Favorites: 8•14•20

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika again this week to share a few of my Friday faves.

We're starting our homeschool year next week (our official start day is going to be Tuesday as I have a work meeting on Monday that's going to take me out of the house).  I finally finished our homeschool room (check out my full blog post here) and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  We wanted to set it up on the cheap and we accomplished that goal while also making it super functional and cozy.

I also put together a general schedule for our homeschool days.  This schedule is subject to change as we get started and learn what works and what doesn't work but I'm so happy that it's done. Having it finished is making me so excited for the school year to start.

I have a few things left to get for the homeschool room and one of them is a pencil sharpener.  It's probably more functional to get an electric one like this but how cute is this black manual one?  And only $11?  Add to cart.

Yes, yes, Nordstrom is having a big sale right now, I know.  But do you know who else is also having a sale?  MADEWELL.  I love Madewell and there are so many lovely things on epic sale right now.  This dress is so gorgeous and only $30 (marked down from $135 - someone buy this please).  I bought this dress in red (see below) and it's absolutely perfect.  I love the floral print too but it's v. sadly sold out of my size.  This linen dress is also so cute and also only $30 - insane.  I'm trying to limit myself to just the one dress but as the sale continues my willpower wanes. 

My husband and I just watched Palm Springs on Hulu and it was pretty good!  Going into it I wasn't sure if we would enjoy it but it took some weird turns (dinosaurs?) and was really entertaining.  We've also been watching Big Brother All Stars.  Is anyone else a Big Brother fan?  We watch every summer and I'm loving the cast this year.  I'm not sure who I'm rooting for yet but I am eager to see how the alliances shake out.

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