What's In My Amazon Cart: Homeschool Edition

While I've already ordered by 2020-2021 curriculum (v. v. exciting), I still have a bunch of stuff sitting in my Amazon cart that I'm mulling over.  My gut is telling me to only buy the bare minimum at the beginning of the year and then add what we need as we need it since it's our first year homeschooling and I, quite honestly, have no real idea what I'm doing here.  That said, I'm excited and my excitement about the year makes me want all. the. things.

So, here's what's sitting in my Amazon cart right now that I haven't bought yet but probably will might buy in the next week or so.

Pencils.  Obviously.

Markers.  My kids are marker assassins.  Markers last about three months in our house before they're dried up or discarded.  I'm hoping that one day (probably around the time my kids finally remember that they need shoes to leave the house or how to make their beds...whichever comes first) they'll remember to actually put the lids back on after they use the markers.  Until that time, I'll just be over here buying all the markers all the time.

Harry Potter Spell Book.  I mentioned this book in a previous post.  It looks so cool and I know Eleanor would have a lot of fun with it.  Anything to make copywork a little less arduous, right?

Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.  I will be buying this as I'm planning to use it for our history spine this year.

Spanish Vocabulary Bingo.  I'm a big believer that just about anything can be taught through the game of Bingo.  I taught George his letters and letter sounds with this Bingo game.  We also have Bug Bingo and it's amazing how many bug names the kids remember now.  I probably will buy the Spanish Vocabulary Bingo at some point because it seems like a really fun way to enforce what the kids are learning on Duolingo and in their workbooks.  I would also love to get this United States Bingo game to go with our geography unit.  This begs the question - how many Bingo games are too many Bingo games?

The 50 States.  I was going to buy The 50 States to use as our geography spine this year but I found State Capitals on Rainbow Resources for a better price so I bought that instead.  I still have The 50 States in my Amazon cart though and I still sort of want to buy it too.

Eraser and Chalk.  I painted a chalkboard wall in our school room so this really is a necessity.  (Side Note: Updated homeschool room post coming soon...or, soonish...or as soon as I clean it.)

Spanish Workbooks.  I mentioned these in my curriculum post.  I will be buying these as well since they'll be used for the kids' Spanish lessons.

Bob Books.  We've never used these before but I think I want to try them with Ruby.  We're a long way from teaching her to read (she's only 3.5 so we're at least a year away) but I put these in my cart so that I won't forget about them when the time comes (does anyone else do this?  My "Saved For Later" section has 600 items...yikes).

Magnetic Wooden Chess Set.  The kids and I learned how to play chess a few months ago and it's been so much fun.  Eleanor is begging for this Wizard Chess set but I really like the plain wooden one because it's simple, it looks easy to store, and it seems like the pieces can't easily be knocked over by a curious 3.5-year-old while we're playing.

Mental Blox.  I think I saw these on a Youtube video and they just looked really cool.  I'm not really sure.

Flower Building Garden.  I think this would be such a great activity to have on hand for Ruby during the school year.  I know that I'll definitely need a few activities for her that I can bust out when I need to spend one-on-one attention with either Eleanor or George.  This would be a really good one and one that I think could keep her busy for awhile.

Calendar Board.  This little board is so cute and would be such a fun way for us to start our homeschool days.  I love how small it is and that it doesn't need to be permanently affixed to the wall.

Counting Bears.  We have some counting blocks but I think these would be more fun for George to use while he learns additional and subtraction.  Ruby is obsessed with Care Bears right now so I know she would get a kick out of these too.

Planner.  This is so unnecessary but this planner looks amazing.  I love how it organizes the week and that it has a space for home, work, and school.  I think this is a planner I could use for everything instead of having separate planners for work and home/school.

Whew.  Ok, that's all I've got, for now.  However, I'm addicted to watching homeschool haul videos on Youtube right now so I'm sure my wishlist will just keep on growing.  And with that, here's a random picture of my kids at the beach lest I leave you without posting a photo.


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