Quick Takes: Swimsuits, Zucchini, and Schedules

1. Swimsuits

My issue with swimwear is that it's generally so expensive but because I wear the heck out of it all summer, I usually only get a season or two out of it.  I currently have two suits that fit, a one-piece and a two-piece.  However, I made the mistake of wearing my two-piece while boogie boarding this past weekend and the boogie board totally tore up my top (sad sad sad).  So now I'm looking to build up my swimsuit/rash guard collection without spending $$$$$.

Enter Amazon.  Amazon has a ton of cute suits for way less than other retailers.  This suit and this suit are total Albion dupes for a fraction of the cost.  I love the high-waisted bottoms and the high-neck tops - so cute and flattering on the mom bod.  This Amazon Essentials one-piece also seems like a great deal and it has great reviews.

I also just placed an order on Poshmark for a new top and rash guard (if you haven't already started shopping this app, go ahead and do yourself a favor and download it - it's like eBay but so much more user friendly.  Look me up on there while you're at it - mollymarie523.)  I also ordered this swimsuit top from Old Navy and have pretty high hopes for it.

2. Zucchini

I've mentioned our zucchini plants before but they have recently gotten so out of control.  We're harvesting like 2-3 behemoth zucchini every other day.  I've done all the things I can think of with zucchini in the last few weeks - bread, muffins, baked rounds, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, lasagna, zoodles, saute.  I'm so out of inspiration for these things.  If you have any amazing zucchini recipes, PLEASE link them in the comments below.

3. Schedules

I had every intention of really sticking to a schedule this summer.  BUT we're three weeks in and we basically have two modes - lazing around the house or going to the beach.  I do think we all needed this downtime to decompress from Spring and distance learning; however, after three weeks of nothing, I'm very ready for more structure.  I don't think the kids or I would be able to jump into an hour-by-hour schedule at this point but I am going to make it more of a point to get certain things done on certain days.  Wednesday and Friday have been our beach days and that works well for us.  I'm also going to try to incorporate homeschooling in the following ways on the following days:

So low-key, right?  I think adding this tiny bit of structure will enable me to ease us into more routines so that come Fall we're ready to get back into the schooling groove.  I also really need to figure chores out because aside from having the kids make their beds and put their clothes in the hamper, I'm failing in the chore department.  What chores do your kids do?  My next project will be some kind of chore chart that we can incorporate into our days.  Stay tuned.

4. Homeschooling

Speaking of school in the Fall, thanks to SB-98 most homeschool charter schools here in CA have paused enrollment. We just got an email from the one we were interested in that we’re on the waitlist but because of the budgetary restrictions SB-98 created, it doesn’t look good. I am, however, in the process of working with our local school district to see if there’s a possibility of homeschooling through the district with district oversight. This would allow me to pick the curriculum and homeschool as I please but also keep my kids in the district and have monthly check-ins with a teacher. There’s also the possibility of the kids doing enrichment activities (art, music, etc.) at a local school two days a week. This would be a perfect scenario for me so please cross all your fingers and toes that this works out.

5. Kid Quotes

Ruby is 3.5 and is that adorably funny age where she says the best things. Here are two recent conversations that had us rolling:

Me: Okay guys, at the beach we’re going to have a rule that you don’t go in the water where your feet can’t touch.
Eleanor: But I can swim! Can I go deeper?
Me: No, this is a black and white rule. Think of this like the ‘no talking to strangers rule,’ there are no exceptions.
Eleanor: But -
Me: No exceptions! It’s important that we have clear rules for your brother and sister since they’re younger.
Ruby: Yeah! And I heard that strangers give you candy!!
Me: See?!

Eleanor and George are being totally crazy and running around the house like tornados.
Me: Settle down you two, it’s time to start getting ready for bed.
Ruby: Ugh, kids!


Guys - it is JULY.  How is that even possible?!  Last July we were so busy - Eleanor and George had swim lessons daily and Eleanor had nightly play practices.  Those things alone ate up about 4-5 hours of our days.  We spent the rest of our time at the beach or the pool or running errands (doesn't it feel like a lifetime ago that you actually took your kids to Target or the mall?!).  This July we have NOTHING on calendar.  Nada.  We have so little on calendar that I've turned our whiteboard calendar into a dinner menu and running log.

I had a hard time with all of these empty hours in June but now that we're into July, I'm really working on leaning into them and enjoying these calm, quiet days with the kids.  Life will get busy again and I know that I'll eventually look back on this summer fondly and wish it back.  The time to enjoy it is now.

7. Photo Dump

Again, almost all of these pictures are from the beach.  This is all what we do now.

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  1. Zucchini Chocolate Cake: https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/chocolate-zucchini-cake/

  2. I say go with the big set. He gets to put it together, then take it apart a week later and back into the box for a few months.


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