Quick Takes: Raffi, Haircuts, and Weaning


I grew up in Portland so everything that's happening there right now is hard for me to see and hard for me to talk about.  It makes me mad but, more than that, it makes me so, so sad.  BUT Portland is a tough and resilient city with tough and resilient people and I know that it will make it through this horrible intrusion with its spirit in tact and undeterred.

Do you all remember Raffi?  He recently wrote a song about Portland and you should listen to it.  It's so simple but the message is strong - come out tonight, don't stop coming out tonight.  You got this Portland.  We're all with you, even Raffi.


The funny thing about nursing is that when you first have your baby, everyone is so proud of you for nursing. You're amazing, you're an inspiration, you're commendable.  But there comes a time when that baby gets older and hits a certain age and society says nursing is not okay anymore. People go from being proud and amazed to disgusted. Why is that?

Well, I think I’m to that “disgusted” (in quotes because obvi I’m not disgusted by it and I pass no judgment on other moms for any of their nursing/breasfeeding/baby feeding decisions - it’s a safe zone here) phase with Ruby. She’s 3.5 and I currently still nurse her at night...a lot at night lately. I’m so exhausted by it now and I’m definitely ready for this phase to end. But you know what’s hard? Weaning a child that can fully communicate why she wants to nurse, why she "needs" to nurse, and how mad she’ll be if she can’t nurse. Those are also all probably indicators that she’s a bit too old for nursing but I digress.

I’m writing this here because I’m ready to wean and for some reason telling people my plans makes me more likely to actually follow through (“some reason,” ha, it’s called accountability and I need it). Also, if anyone has tips on weaning older babes, please send them my way. My other two were between 2-2.5 when I weaned them so this is sort of foreign territory.


One of these days I’m going to write a post about the time my husband cut my hair using a hilarious Youtube video as a tutorial. The end result was not good (and that’s being generous). It’s a hilarious story though that still makes me chuckle.

You would think that after such a fiasco I would relinquish all control of my hair to the educated and trained professionals. But alas, I apparently do not learn from my mistakes. In my defense, my hair salon was closed in April when I was due for my first bang trim so I obviously had to take matters into my own hands. Then, when she opened back up at the end of May I just wasn’t ready to emerge from my quarantine cave so I gave myself a quick chop again. Well this week I gave myself another little cut and I’m starting to think I’m actually not that bad at it. The key, I think, is to just have really low expectations. I also almost always wear glasses, which I think make mistakes or uneven areas a little less noticeable. Anyone else rocking at-home haircuts?


I'm obsessed with both of these websites for clothes right now.  My thrift-loving heart is deeply satisfied when I shop second hand (and my bank account is too).  I just got the cutest swimsuit top from Poshmark and am planning on doing a little back to school shopping for my kids on ThredUp.


George is turning 6 in a couple of weeks and I’m struggling with what I should get him. For months he’s been asking for this Lego set. The price tag, however, makes me want to faint or barf (gross word, sorry) or something equally as dramatic. He loves Lego but he always takes his creations apart within hours of building them and pieces are always getting lost. I’m trying to convince him that he wants a smaller Lego set, a Lego building book, or maybe a box of plain bricks but so far he’s insistent on this Goliath set.

So what do you think? Buy the big set or be a birthday grinch and go with the smaller stuff?

Our math curriculum was delivered this week and it's like Christmas.  I can't wait to go through everything and start planning our year!


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  1. That lego set is really for 12+ year olds and serious collectors. Get him some smaller ones.

    1. My husband's a sucker and he bought it. I'm tempted to glue it together though so we don't lose the pieces!


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