Quick Takes: Decor Highs and School Lows

We bought a Nintendo Switch a few years ago for Christmas and so far the only games we really play on it are Sonic and Mario Kart.  Lately though, my kids have been so into Apple Arcade games and I think we're finally entering the age where they're taking more of an interest in video games.  They're obsessed with a game called Sasquatch on Apple Arcade (if anyone reading has played this, they just found the treasure chest and got into R Corp...so it was a big night over here last night).  I'm now looking into more games on the Switch that they might like.  I'm thinking Animal Crossing because it looks a little like Sasquatch.  Recommendations are welcome.  

George can officially, officially read now.  It's always hard to mark when your kid becomes a reader because it's such a gradual process.  But when we went to the beach on Monday he brought a Pete the Cat book with him and read the entire thing in the car without struggling with any words.  I think that pretty much makes him a bonafide reader.  Eleanor is a big book-lover so I'm excited to watch them read together and see if he develops a strong love of reading like she has.

I'm writing this post in advance because we're going camping at a lake by our house Wednesday-Friday of this week - woohoo!  The weather is actually pretty cool this week (high of about 85 degrees) so it shouldn't be too unbearable (camping in the summer in our area is usually a no-go because temps are frequently 90+).  We're all going a little stir crazy at home (who isn't though right now?) and camping is always a good way to escape for awhile and reset.

(My camping post is finished - check it out HERE.)

I've just finally exhausted all of our public school/charter school/homeschool options so I can confidently say now that we are homeschooling on our own for the 2020-2021 year.  I'm hoping to start buying our curriculum next week so I'll be doing a curriculum post shortly.

Back in April, I just knew that public schools weren't going to be able to open normally in the fall.  How could they? That's when our family started spending a good amount of time and energy looking into homeschooling and making the hard, but necessary choice, to pull our children from a school that they've loved.

What's incredibly frustrating to me is that, while I was looking into alternative schooling options for the fall, nobody else (meaning the government, the district, etc.) was talking about the fall during the spring.  I know that the schools were in crisis mode and were, at that time, just trying to do the best they could with distance learning.  But what's frustrating is that it's only now, in the middle of July, that everyone is focused on schools and reopening.  Why couldn't we have had this discussion two months ago (or heck, even one month ago) when distance learning ended and there was a little more time for planning?  Instead, two months ago we were busy opening bars and restaurants (which are now closed again, at least where I am in California).  This opinion piece speaks to my frustration and the frustration that I know all parents and teachers are dealing with right now.

So much is being put on the shoulders of parents and teachers at this moment and it's just so completely unfair.  A huge reason that I'm homeschooling this year is because I want to take our family out of the uncertainty.  With homeschooling, I control the curriculum so I can guarantee that my kids will have a school year free from interruption.  I don't think any public school district in the country will be able to make this same guarantee.  Maybe though, if we had talked about schools a month ago when we were talking about bars and malls and movie theaters, we would be a little more capable of handling the uncertainty.

Onto a lighter topic - home decor! I've been on the hunt lately for some kind of seating option for our homeschool room.  Specifically, I wanted to find something for the kids to sit on to read, relax, etc. that wasn't just the wooden chairs at their desks.  I spent a good amount of time last week searching every place I could think of to find something used at a decent price (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) and came up empty.  Womp womp.  Then, this morning, my husband (who is blessed with great luck and fortune when it comes to finding enviable free treasures in our neighborhood) comes home from walking our dog and tells me that he found a kid-sized armchair across the street on our neighbor's curb and did I want him to bring it home.  Um yes.  Come to find out, it's a Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair in awesome shape.

I've since washed the cover and cleaned the foam as best I could and the chair now happily lives in our homeschool room. 

I've said before that I prefer to be a minimalist beach goer, mostly because I take the kids by myself and just can't carry that much with me.  The more we go to the beach though, the more I find really awesome beach gear that I would love to have.

A friend of our has one of these surf brushes and it's SO handy at getting the sand off boogie boards, surf boards, and even feet.  These smaller brushes look great too and would be so handy to store in the car with the kids' dry clothes.

I also love these changing towel ponchos (I'm not sure what the official name is) and really want to get three for the kids (and I might as well just get one for myself too, right?).  


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  1. Animal crossing is a super fun super simple game. Currently you can only have one island on a switch and everyone that wants to play lives on the same island. The 1st person to play becomes the Resident Representative and essentially controls the progress of the game, such as upgrading buildings etc. I am currently sharing my game with my 9 yr old step daughter and she can make changes to the design of the island or use up crafting resources, that will respawn over time. Even as an adult I sometimes find this mildly frustrating and could see this causing fights between kids.


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