Quick Takes: Curriculum & Lots o' Links

I finally settled on curriculum for our 2020-2021 homeschool year.  I put together a lengthy blog post all about it HERE.  I'm so excited to get all the books in the mail and look through them.  It took me months to decide on everything but now that I have, I really can't wait to get started.

We went camping last week and I can't stop thinking about it.  There's something so magical about camping with kids.  Even though just about everything requires more work than it does at home, it's just so relaxing.  We're going to try to plan another short trip sometime in August and then hopefully once a month (or once every couple of months) after that.


I'm just about finished with Little Women (only about 50 pages left, sad). I want to finish Little Women when I’m alone and not distracted so I can really enjoy saying goodbye to the characters and their world.  So instead of finishing Little Women on our Wednesday beach day, I started The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I'm breezing through it because Murakami’s writing is just so good. My husband and I were talking about him yesterday and decided that it's so fun to read Murakami because he's a master of describing details in an efficient but thorough way. He writes about little to nothing in such intoxicatingly breezy detail that he can write about cooking spaghetti or making a sandwich and it’s totally riveting.

 I also really want to read True Grit (my husband's recommendation) and Kristin Lavransdatter but I suppose those will have to wait.


Does being trapped in the house make anyone else's kids more emotional?  Yes?  No?  Just mine?  I think that most of the time I'm pretty good at dealing with my kids' emotions but when one of them is on his/her third cry of the day because another one won't play the game he/she wants to play, I sort of lose my mind, patience, and temper - usually all at once.  Also, as an Enneagram 4 I tend to absorb the emotions of those around me, which makes me empathetic but also completely exhausts me by days end.

This article has some helpful tools but any other tips on dealing with this are much appreciated.


We're obsessed with Harry Potter right now.  Well, I'm always a little obsessed with Harry Potter but right now my kids are obsessed too (so proud, so proud).  Eleanor read the first four books and fell completely in love.  I'm not quite ready to let her read the rest yet because they seem a little too mature for an 8-year-old so in the interim I've been trying to find other books to bring her back to Hogwarts, so to speak.

I just stumbled upon this spell book and I think I have to get it.  It's unofficial so not quite as cool as the books in the Hogwarts Library (which we also have and love...Eleanor's favorite animal right now is a Niffler) but from the sample on Amazon it looks great.  I think it would be really fun to use for copywork and/or dictation during the school year too.


I love buying my kids clothes from H&M because (1) they're cheap and (2) they're cute.  But this article has given me another reason to shop H&M.  Good for them!  I hope more stores follow suit.

If you have a Harry Potter lover in your family, this online exhibition is really cool.

I cooked frozen chicken in my Instant Pot tonight using this recipe and it turned out so good. It was so delicious I almost wrote a whole blog post about it (you have my laziness to thank for that one).


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  1. I'm enjoying reading your posts! Thanks for sharing! I attended a retreat where a priest who is also an exorcist said that there are actual spells in HP and names of real demons that could lead to demonic obsession/ possession . You can do your own research on it but he convinced me to steer clear especially of spells because you can unwitingly open yourself up to obsession/possession.

    1. This is really interesting, thank you for sharing. Do you have any links you could point me to? I would like to look into this more. Thanks also for commenting and reading!


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