Friday Favorites: 7•10•20

I love reading these types of posts so today I'm linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals to share a few of my favorite things this Friday.

It's been getting pretty hot here in Ojai so beach days have been a big favorite of mine lately. (Check our my post on my family’s beach essentials here.)

Also a favorite, is my current go-to swimsuit top.  It's by Body Glove and it's absolutely perfect - it holds everything in place, looks cute (IMHO), and gives me the freedom to play in the sand and water with the kids without worrying if everything is staying put.

I'm still working my way through Little Women and enjoying it so much.  I haven't had as much time to sit down and read lately between work and the kids so I'm just barely halfway through.  Luckily it's a great book for reading at a slower pace as there's so much in it to savor.

As the weather gets warmer, smoothies become my everyday breakfast and they are definitely a favorite.  Lately I've really been loving spinach (or kale), pineapple, and banana smoothies.  I always add this protein powder (I've been into the vanilla lately but the chocolate is great too) and some almond milk (and sometimes plain yogurt if I have it on hand).  I bought this amazing blender last year on Prime Day and I think I've used it everyday since - totally worth the $$ and totally lives up to the hype.

This week we worked on getting our backyard cleaned up and organized and hanging out there in the evenings has been a favorite lately.


  1. OH I just LOVED Little Women. I often think women's bathing suits are so impractical for moms; glad you found a good one.

    1. Thank you - so many are so impractical. And expensive! All I want is a practical suit that won’t break the bank but it’s so hard to find. Little Women is so good. Have you seen the new(ish) movie yet? I can’t wait to watch it when I finish the book.

  2. I've never read Little Women but it is one that I hope to read someday, so I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it!! I really want to try making smoothies. One, it's hot. Two, I love smoothies. Three, I need something that's healthier as quarantine has kind of messed up my eating habits. LOL Plus, I'm not a big veggie person so if I could HIDE the veggies in something, that would be awesome. ;) If you have any good recipes, please let me know!!!


    1. I hear you with the messed up eating habits! I'm definitely still working to undo what I did over the last few months ha! I'll do a post with some smoothie recipes, thanks for the great idea! I always put veggies in them because I don't love veggies either and I always feel so good eating/drinking my veggies early in the day (putting them in smoothies is also my go-to way to get veggies into my kids).


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