Friday Favorites: 7•31•20

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika again this week to share a few of my Friday faves.

Thrift Books and Book Outlet are my favorite places to buy books.  I recently placed an order with Thrift Books for a bunch of Usborne history books that I'm planning to use for the upcoming school year and they were so cheap (like 5 books for the cost of one on Amazon cheap).  Thrift Books also allows you to choose pretty easily between new and used books, which I love (I'm from Portland and this bookstore with its literal mountains and mazes of used books defined my childhood and adolescence).  (Note: The Thrift Books links in this post are referral links so if you're interested in purchasing from them I would be very grateful if you would use one of these links - any help funding my book obsession is much appreciated.)

I'm sure that even if you haven't listened to the album yet, you've all heard about Taylor Swift's Folklore album.  I used to be really into Taylor Swift - this was years ago, during her early days.  Over the years my fandom has waned a little but because so many of her songs are so nostalgic to me, she holds a special place in my heart (to this day I cannot listen to the song Never Grow Up without shedding a few tears).  So when her new album dropped I had to listen to it.  I'm surprisingly really into it and the more I listen to it the more into it I am.  I love this review discussion that NPR hosted and I think it explains why this album is so good and why so many people (even non-TS fans) are into it.  One of the reviewers called the album a "meditation on memory."  That it is, and a great one.

Work has been really busy this week and with the kids home during the day, I'm mostly working at night. I always have to have the TV on when I work at night and my show of choice over the past week or so has been One Tree Hill.  When I watch it I feel like I've been transported to the early 2000s - it's a trip.  In a few recent episodes Brooke was wearing a Juicy velour tracksuit.  Remember those?  And the music!  So angsty!

I'm in the middle of back to school shopping and it's my favorite time of the year (after Halloween, that is).  It always feels so nice to get back into a routine after the (mostly) lazy days of summer, especially this year.  I put together a post on the school supplies I have in my Amazon cart right now.  I need to pull the trigger and get it all ordered so I can get organized but I keep finding more things I "need."  Like this label maker...necessity, right?

And what would a Friday Favorites post be without a few random clothing finds?  These pajamas are so cute and look super comfy.  This skirt would also be so adorable with a simple tank tucked in for summer and a blousier shirt tucked in for fall.

And this is my most favorite forever and ever - favorite place and favorite people:


  1. That beach look fabulous! I don't typically buy much in the way of back to school supplies but I did get our books ordered early in the spring so we are all set whenever the mood strikes us to start up again.

    1. I wish I had ordered earlier. I placed my big order for all of our books at the end of July and they still haven't shipped. I'm starting to get a little antsy! At least we have our math books so worst case scenario we just focus on math for a week or two haha


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