Friday Favorites: 7•17•20

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika again to share a few of my favorite things!

We just got back from a pretty impromptu camping trip and, while I'm completely exhausted, camping is a MAJOR favorite of mine (especially right now when all other vacations and trips are put on hold).  Check out my camping post HERE.

My favorite thing to do while camping is read by the campfire so our camp couch is probably my favorite piece of camping gear.  We actually got ours as a wedding present (just over nine years ago now) but this one is pretty similar if you're in the market.

I know I posted about this last Friday but I'm still working my way through Little Women (I'm right around page 500 now though so...progress!) and it's just so good.  Definitely a favorite.  I'm at such a good spot in the book and I'm having the hardest time putting it down.

The best part of camping though is the uninterrupted family time - no TV, no phones, no internet, no work, no distractions.  It's the best.  Hanging out with my family is my all-time favorite.

I always wear these Teva sandals when we go camping (and basically when we do anything outdoors) and they're the best.  They're comfortable, they stay on my feet, and they're pretty cute (IMHO at least).  My older kids each have a pair as well because they're perfect for active kids during the summer months (or year round if you're in California).

While we're talking about shoes, these sandals aren't the cutest but when you wear them you feel like you're walking on clouds.  I'm a runner and these shoes feel so good on my feet after a long or hard run.  They're easy to clean too as an added bonus.


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