Sibling Room Sharing

Our house is a little funky.  It was built in the 50s as a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom house.  However, over the years its been remodeled and it's now a 5 bedroom/3 bathroom house.  Don't let that number fool you though, it's still only about 1700 square feet so we basically have three normal sized bedrooms and two tiny, little closet sized bedrooms.  Until recently, all of my kids had their own room.  Eleanor and George had normal sized rooms and we put Ruby's nursery in one of the tiny rooms.  HOWEVER, Ruby's room is on the other side of the house from our bedroom and David and I have never really been comfortable with her being so far away (I know, I know, it's really not that far considering the size of the house).  Also, with the kids being home so much more (well, all of us being home so much more), I was longing for a playroom - a place where all the kids could play that didn't "belong" to any of them like their bedrooms did.

All that said, we made the decision to put Ruby and George in one room and turn Ruby's old nursery into a teeny tiny playroom.  This has helped get Ruby into her own bed and out of our bed (where she previously took up nighttime residence) and will hopefully keep both Ruby and George in their own beds all night long (one can dream).

We've only been living with this new arrangement for about a week but during this past week it's been super amazing having a designated playroom.  My kids are still young enough to have a lot of shared toys and it's been a game changer having them in one room as opposed to in every room like they were before.  I was going to take a picture of the playroom for this post but all the kids are in there right now and it's a M.E.S.S.

Ruby and George have also really enjoyed sharing a room and David and I have really enjoyed having our own space at night (for a few hours at least).  So far we've only moved Ruby's bed into the room so we still need to move toys and clothes around.  I'm hoping to change up the decor a little bit and if we end up keeping the room like this, we'll probably eventually bite the bullet and get a bunk bed.

Sometimes I feel like my kids are playing musical rooms with how often we're switching things around at our house but with them still being pretty young, I think we're still in the "whatever works" phase of things.  I love reading about kids sharing rooms so if any of your kids are sharing (and if you've blogged about it), let me know in the comments!


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