Quick Takes: Enneagram Crisis, Old Pets, and Frivolities

1. Homeschool Charter Options
I'm obsessing about school in the fall.  I recently learned about public homeschool charter schools and am thinking that might be the way for us to go next year (assuming we can get into one).  Do any of you have experience?  If so, PLEASE tell me everything.  I'm excited to homeschool but it would be nice to have a little guidance from some teaching authority to help ease us into things.  The funding they give for supplies wouldn't hurt either.

2. Enneagram
I was going to do a whole blog post about this because it's so interesting to me BUT I just decided to stick it here for now.  Are any of you into the Enneagram?  If so, you'll understand my panic over my recent Enneagram identity crisis.  For years I thought I was a 9 (based on tests and reading) but I recently retested and was overwhelmingly a 4.  What?!  The two types are so different - one feels all the emotions and the other one avoids them.  The more I read about 4s though, the more I feel like that's actually what I am.  I'm still rereading my way through this book and this book to try to figure myself out but this new awakening has really shaken up my world (dramatic much?).  I also roped my poor husband (who I always typed as a 1) into this Enneagram identity crisis and now we think he's a 5 or maybe a 6.  So we went from being a 9 and 1 to a 4 and 5 (or 6).  Crazy times over here.

3. Pets
We have two little poodle-mix dogs, Alfie and Josie.  They're both about 10-years-old now (we don't know exactly because we bought them from a shelter) and they're very sadly starting to show their age.  Back in January, Alfie started having seizures as the result of what we think is a brain tumor (he had some other neurological issues a few years ago so the diagnosis fits).  The seizures have continued over the months, despite the medication, and lately we've noticed that he's going blind and deaf.  It's so hard to watch and we aren't really sure what to do for him.
4. TV
I am a total night owl and am always awake until about 1:00 a.m. while the rest of my family snoozes away.  This means that I have a lot of time at night to binge watch all the shows.  I know I'm a few years late to this party but I recently started watching Outlander and I'm surprisingly into it.  I never really get into period pieces (although shoot, maybe I do now because I'm also obsessed with Vikings...I don't know who I am anymore) so I'm sort of surprised how much I like this show.  Anyway, I'm only on episode 3 so I have a ways to go.  Hopefully this show will take me through the summer nights.

5. Movie Night
Every Friday night we have family movie night.  Over the course of the last few months it's become a slightly more elaborate ordeal.  We now let the kids pick out three special snacks (one salty, one sweet, and a drink) each and before the movie I host a concession stand where I pass the snacks out.  We move the furniture around in the living room and all sprawl out on the living room floor and couch.  We've watched a lot of fun movies over the last few months, Princess Bride and Back to the Future being my faves.  But now I need some suggestions.  I made us watch Blank Check last week because I remember loving it as a kid but watching it now...it was pretty terrible (not to mention the gross inappropriateness of the kiss between the 13-year-old and the 35-year-old).  What are some movies you and your kids enjoy?

6. Cute Things I Don't Need
Do any of you fill online shopping carts with no intention of buying anything?  Now that I think I'm an Enneagram 4, this all makes sense to me.  I fill carts with things I wish I could buy because they fit whatever aesthetic I'm going for at the moment.  Anywho, in case any of you have money burning a hole in your pocket, here's what I'm into right now that I wish I could buy.  If you buy anything - let me know so I can live vicariously through you.

Insanely cute swimsuit for a little girl that neither of my little girls really need right now (or do they? Now I'm rethinking this one).

I also don't need a new swimsuit (do I?) but if I did I think I would try this one out.  J Crew has never let me down in the swimsuit department and I love the color and detail of this olive one.  I also love this swimsuit top - the style is perfect for playing in the water with the kids.

I love linen bedding.  We have linen sheets and a linen duvet cover on our bed but I've been wanting to get a linen quilt for the hotter months.  Unfortunately for me, we have a perfectly lovely quilt that's still in great shape so I can't really justify replacing it.  If I could, I would try this one from Target's new collection.

Speaking of linen, I bought these overalls from Target on impulse a month ago and they are so amazing.  They're super comfortable and look so effortless.  Highly recommend if you long to wear pajamas during the day but want to look just a little more pulled together.

7. Photo Dump
(happy belated Father's Day to all)
(the cutest baby beach braid)
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