Quick Takes: Board Games, Beach & Books

I love love love reading other bloggers' seven quick takes and am so excited to join the party.  So here goes!

1. Board Games
My kids are finally old enough to play fun board games.  My husband and I have been waiting 8 years for this day to come.  Right now we're still playing a lot of Monopoly Junior, Sorry, and Checkers but I'm so excited to get real family game nights going.  We also really love Sleeping Queens, Exploding Kittens, Uno and all the card game classics (Go Fish, Old Maid, etc.).  What other games do we need to get?

About a week and a half ago we took our first trip to the beach in a very long time.  It was glorious.  We've since been back a couple of times and I can't even describe how good it feels to be doing a sort of normal summer thing after months of lots of not normal things.  I'm trying to really pare down what we bring since most of the time it's just me and the kids during the week and I hate feeling like a pack mule lugging ten tons of stuff from the car to the beach.  We've already ditched the chairs and cooler (we sit on a blanket and I just bring small snacks).  I tried to ditch the boogie boards and sand toys but the kids revolted.  On the plus side, this is the first summer that I'm not bringing life jackets/water wings.  Eleanor is a great swimmer and George is old enough now to understand boundaries in the water and at the beach.  That leaves me just hovering over Ruby, which is pretty easy to do as she likes to stay in the dry sand playing with her toys.

3. Books
I recently finished Big Summer (great summer read - I always love Jennifer Weiner) and want to add a few more fun, easy reads to my summer reading list.  I spent the month of May re-reading Harry Potter books 5-7 so I'm ready for some light, simple books.  Any recommendations?

4. Vikings
Have any of you watched Vikings on the History Channel? David and I are obsessed.  We watch it after the kids go to bed and I look forward to it so much during the day.  I now want to learn everything I can about Norse mythology and name my next son Bjorn.

5. Fall Curriculum
I'm deep down the curriculum review YouTube hole right now.  We have a treadmill at home and I try to get a 30 minute run in every day.  My favorite thing to do right now while I run is watch curriculum haul videos or curriculum reviews.  The problem is that every time I watch a new video it makes me question the curriculum choices that I think I've already made.  I know I need to make a choice and then just STOP WATCHING but it's so hard.

6. Dinner
With our summer schedule super pared down thanks to COVID-19, we have a lot more time at home now than summers past.  I'm trying to take advantage of this by cooking more.  So far for dinner this week I've made stuffed manicotti, garlic parmesan crusted chicken, chickpea patties/burgers, and veggie lasagna.  My kids are sort of picky eaters (well, one is very picky and the other two are so-so) and trying to find dinners that everyone will eat is a challenge.  If you have any kid approved dinner recipes, please link them below!

7. Picture Dump
(first lost tooth!)
Linking up with Kelly for the first time 😀


  1. I'm a huge fan of Exploding Kittens and Uno. (I learned my Spanish numbers and colors while playing it with my VBS kids.) Scrabble is a family blood sport, as is Trivial Pursuit.

    Your eight year old is ready for Cribbage. It's a good game to teach math skills because of all the ways you have to think about getting your cards to add up to 15.

    Bookwise, I find that murder mysteries are my jam. I'm reading a series of eight of them by Laurie Cass about a librarian with a cat and a bookmobile. I'm also trying to catch up on all the ones by my favorite authors that I missed when I went back to school and stopped reading as much.

    1. My husband's family is VERY into Scrabble - so much so that I can't even play it with them, it's just too intense! Cribbage is a great idea - thank you!


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