Handwriting Without Tears Review: Cursive and Printing

Back in March when the schools closed their physical doors due to COVID-19, I quickly realized that my kids were going to be spending a lot of time on the computers (distance learning, ugh).  To counterbalance all that screen time I wanted to find some kind of daily writing workbook for them to practice handwriting and keep those skills fresh (especially for my kindergartener who had just started learning to write).  I'm not sure how I stumbled upon Handwriting Without Tears but I'm so glad I did.  The company was running a sale in March and I was able to purchase both of these books for about $12 - such a steal and absolutely worth every. single. penny.

I purchased a basic printing book for George, my kindergartener, and the cursive book for Eleanor, my second grader.  During the last few months of distance learning, I had the kids start their school days by doing a page or two out of these books.  It was a good way to get them warmed up for learning and I liked having them write something before sticking them on the computer (where they would usually sit for the next couple of hours).  These books are also great because once I would tell the kids what pages to do, they could finish them at whatever pace they pleased.

As you can see, there really isn't too much on each page.  The lessons start out pretty simply and get more complex as the book goes on and as the kids' skills develop.  I'm a big fan of copywork and dictation so I really like how these books have the kids copying words and, later in the book, sentences and paragraphs.

Eleanor has picked up cursive so easily from these daily lessons and recently wrote a letter to her friend entirely in cursive (with a few creative capital letters because she hasn't learned those yet).  George has always had pretty neat handwriting for a 5-year-old but I love the repetition that Handwriting Without Tears provides and I know that the more he writes, the more competent he'll become.

Now that it's summer, I'm still having them do a page or so out of these books every day.  I'm hoping that we'll finish these books by August so we can start fresh ones in the fall.


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