How We Got Here

Our journey to homeschooling started in March when traditional public schooling ended for my kids. I found myself at home with the weight of educating my three kids (ages 3, 5, and 8) on my shoulders.  Our public school started distance learning about four weeks into our state's shut down.  This left me with four weeks of time to fill.  I had always been curious about homeschooling and how I would do as a homeschooling mom so I decided that I would use these four weeks to test the waters.  I bought some workbooks and used other resources we already had.  We spent a lot of time doing art projects, doing puzzles, and reading aloud.

The more I dabbled in homeschooling, the more I enjoyed it.  And, over the course of those four weeks, I saw my family grow closer.  My kids were all getting to play and learn together.  My husband was home more than he ever had been before.  We were absolutely relishing in all of the family time we were getting and I loved getting to steer the kids' learning how I saw fit and in ways that fit their needs and skills.

My 8-year-old, for example, is an avid and advanced reader.  Homeschooling during those few weeks allowed me to really see what she's capable of as a reader and stretch her reading abilities (she's read more books than I can count over the last few months and is currently engrossed in the Harry Potter series).  My 5-year-old is just starting to read so getting to spend one-on-one time with him reading has been invaluable and I can already see such changes in his abilities.

Like I said before, four weeks into this journey, our school district started distance learning.  While I'm grateful for the effort made by the school and the teachers (my kids have wonderful teachers who did such a great job of making the best of an unfortunate situation), I was sad that our brief time homeschooling was over.

Then I realized that it doesn't have to be over - my family can make a choice and make a change.

While my family's decision to homeschool in the fall has been shaped, in part, on the current state of our state, our country, and our world, it's also been shaped by my desire to keep my family together.  My husband is a lawyer (as am I but that's a post for another day) and ordinarily travels a lot for work.  Up until March, we were fairly used to him being gone at least one night a week, often more (last summer, for example, he practically lived in another city during a particularly grueling phase of a case he was working on).  Homeschooling will give us the freedom to turn his work trips into family trips and will enable us to stay together all the time.

Now, of course, I'm nervous about having the fate of my children's education in my hands.  However, after navigating their learning during the last few months, I know that all of the benefits outweigh any shortcomings I might have as an educator.  I also feel confident that with the right curriculum choices and with time spent together as a family, my kids will make it through the next school year just fine.  They are only 8, 5, and 3, after all.

If you're here, I'm guessing it means that you're at a crossroads like I was.  Or maybe you've already decided to homeschool and are looking to connect with someone in similar shoes.  Either way, welcome to Homeschool Edit.


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