Homeschool Room: Before

When my kids' school closed down in March, we started doing school work at the dining room table. However, with David and I also trying to work in the house during the day, the dining room very quickly became a chaotic mess.  Over the next couple of months I tried my best to organize the space and make it work; however, with everyone trying to do different things in a very small space (our house is about 1700 square feet with five bedrooms so the common living areas are pretty small), we all started to go a little crazy.

While our house isn't super huge, we have a really nice sized backyard.  In our backyard we have a separate little building that my husband recently remodeled.  We had plans to turn the space into a den or playroom for the kids but, as these things go, we never really got around to doing much with the space.  That's when I realized - I could use this space as a school room.  Duh.

I set the room up one afternoon with furniture we already had.  I did buy the rug because the space felt a little bare and cold without it but, aside from that, everything else is repurposed from other areas of our house.

My oldest two kids sit at the desk when they work (they're doing a lot of computer work right now so having a table or desk is pretty essential...that will likely change in the fall when I'm in charge of choosing the curriculum) and Ruby does her "work" at the art table.  My kids' workbooks are all stored in the pink, white, and blue bins.  I love these bins but would like to find a different place to put them.

I have big plans for this space and hope to get it set up perfectly by the fall.  I want to use chalkboard paint somewhere (maybe under the window), hang the white board above the desk, figure out how and where to display the kids' art, replace the papasan with some type of configurable floor couch or cushion (the papasan is super comfortable but I really want to have a reading area that can be used by everyone at the same time), and figure out a better way to store and display books in the room (maybe built-in bookcases).

What do you think?  How can I improve this space?


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