2020 Kids' Summer Schedule: Pandemic Edition

As of the time I'm writing this, my kids are still in school (well, they're still distance learning).  We have one week left and then we're free for the summer.  Summer is usually my favorite season to be a parent.  We live in Southern California so almost every summer day is hot and sunny.  That means we spend many a summer day at local museums, zoos, beaches, parks, pools, swimming lessons, and water parks.  Our county fair is also in the summer and as the kids have gotten older, we've enjoyed it more and more.

This year, however, in light of COVID-19 I doubt we'll be doing any of our favorite summer things.  As our county has eased quarantine restrictions, I'm hopeful that we'll get to the beaches and parks but I'm not sure that we'll be going to any museums, zoos, pools, or water parks.  Our county fair has also, sadly but understandably, been canceled.

With summer looming and absolutely no plans in the books, I know we're going to need a schedule more than ever.  When crafting our summer schedule I had to take a few things into account:

1. Chores - I'll fully admit that when it comes to creating chore charts, I'm awesome.  When it comes to enforcing them, however, I'm awful.  This summer is going to be different (I'm sure I said the same thing last summer but let's just gloss over that for now).  I'm determined to instill some chore habits in my kids this summer that can carry over into the fall and into our homeschool year.

2. Work - It's inevitable that as things in our state get back to quasi-normal, I'm going to have to carve out some time during the day to work.  While I do most of my lawyering at night, I don't want to be up every night until 2am.  Being able to work for an hour or two during the day would be immensely helpful and I know I can make it happen.

3. Learning Activities - I've always been one of those mean moms that makes her kids do "school" work over the summer.  Whether we're doing workbooks, writing stories, or just reading, I've always tried to make sure that every summer day has something educational built in (key word in that sentence being the word "tried").  Because we won't have any camps, swim lessons, or planned out-of-the-house activities this summer, I'm planning on taking things up a notch in the educational arena and doing a very relaxed version of summer school (emphasis on the very).

4. Play - My kids are pretty little still and imaginary games make up about 60% of their days right now.  During the summer that percentage soars to about 80% and that's the way we like it.

So here's what I came up with:

→Wake Up
→Get Dressed and Morning Chores
→Play Outside
→Learning Activities
→Lunch Chores
→Quiet Time/Mom Work
→Play/Board Games/Craft
→Evening Chores
→Movie/TV Show

You'll notice I didn't add any times to the schedule.  This is because we are a family of very late risers and adhering to the clock isn't that important to me (especially this summer when we don't have any activities planned).

I'll be doing separate posts on the learning activities I'm planning for the summer as well as the kids' summer chore chart.  Be on the lookout!


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